Authorized Motorola or Lenovo Service Center Vs Helpforsure

I have a Motorola mobile that needs to be repaired. Why should I not use the services of Authorized Lenovo/Motorola service and instead take services of Helpforsure.

Motorola or Lenovo Service center would have original genuine parts. However, it is much more cost effective and flexible to use the services of Helpforsure. The advantages of using the services of Helpforsure are as follows.

  • Helpforsure provides services at a 30 to 40 % reduced cost. So you will save that much on your bill. Moto part cost

  • Helpforsure uses OEM quality parts which are built on the same specifications as the original parts.

  • Authorized service centers usually replace full parts like Motherboard and Display. They do not have other parts available with them like Camera, Display connectors, speaker and mic. For any small issues, authorized service center would recommend full motherboard replacement which is very expensive and is equivalent to buying a new mobile. Helpforsure services are much more cost effective and we are willing to fix small issues in the mobile as required.

  • Book the Services of Helpforsure using the link Helpforsure Motorola Service Center