Upgrade to SSD disk instead of SATA hard disk on laptop

I have a HP Laptop. I want to upgrade the configuration from SATA to SSD hard disk. Is it possible?

You could update your SATA Hard disk based Laptop to a SSD based Laptop.


  • Boot time will decrease.
  • IO Speeds will increase. The overall performance of the laptop will be much better.


  • If not done properly, it may lead to heating issues in your laptop. This may damage other parts of the laptop that includes Motherboard, BIOS.

  • The OS will have to be migrated to the new SSD. If not done properly, you may not be able to install the genuine version of the OS.

  • If your laptop is under warranty, you may no longer have the warranty.

How to Upgrade

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You could request Helpforsure to provide a Home Service. We can perform the complete job for you that includes SSD installation,OS installation and configuration.