My laptop is Dead and is not starting. How can I revive it. Is it a motherboard issue?

My laptop is stopped working. Can it start working again?

You can debug the issue on your own using the following.Laptop may not be starting because of the following.

  • Charging adapter may have a issue. If the LED light on your Laptop is not glowing, it could very well be a charger or a charging adapter issue.

  • If the LED light is glowing, try removing the laptop battery and connect the laptop without the battery. If the laptop starts working, it is most likely a battery issue.

  • If you are proficient enough, you may want to check the CMOS battery. CMOS battery may have a issue.

  • If CMOS battery is ok, it could be RAM issue. The RAM may be faulty or the RAM may have dust in it. Please cleanup the RAM and put it back.

  • Hard-disk may have an issue. You could remove the Hard-disk and try booting through the pen drive.

  • If none of these work, it could be a motherboard issue. You need to hire a Service like Helpforsure

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